Welcome to “ Life : It Goes On” , a blog page by Kulbhushan Kain .The author in his varied experiences of living life intensely ,has come to the conclusion that life goes on – irrespective of what, and how , you want to change its course .He also opines that a disaster ( death ,disease etc ), should not signal the end of ones quest for hope and rejuvenation .He is also of the view that no matter how many laurels one wins and is perceived to be successful – failure could be just around the corner .Life is full of contradictions – one can never predict anything with certainty – it just goes on !!It has its own logic . Read More About The Author here

At  the Delhi  University i  dabbled in intellectual politics .My good friend Ravindra Manchanda (who became the political secretary to Prime Minister Chadrashekar),made sure that we were politically socialized .And so did my friend Mahesh Sharma who was a political aspirant before he joined the ISKON mission .My brother in law was the President of … Continue reading “Remembering Atal Ji As He hangs On To A Thread .”

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We need to do something really fast about school education .We cant behave like a ostrich hiding its head in the sand or be like  Tennysons’  “lotus eaters”- who lived in a altered world away from reality !If we behave like that , we will be like Rip Van Winkle  who wakes up to a … Continue reading “Schools Must Accept The Challenge – Or Perish !”

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Very soon , we will be air borne for our annual visit to Toronto to be with our son .The flight will take me through Paris and I remember the first time I went there .I was flying from London and after a turbulent flight over the English Channel , landed at the Charles De … Continue reading “An Evening In Paris .”

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Today is the last day of the school term . It also signals the longest break in our school system .In keeping with a old tradition , we had a staff lunch yesterday .We have several staff get togeathers  during the year – but the one before the summer break is by far the most … Continue reading “Home Is Not A Place – Its A Feeling !! Toronto !”

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The elections sent out clear indications – 1) that the Congress Party is in serious problems and on the verge  of extinction .Forget the narrative of journalists on the pay roll of a dying party who are saying that the Congress got more of the vote share than the BJP .It does not matter – … Continue reading “Karnataka Elections – My Take .!!”

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